Hi Eric,

Looking at starting out on training plans as in the Cool Impossible, and notice that all the Speed Zones are based on a 1 mile time.  As all my training is done in km (being in Australia) is there a table that converts the Mile times to a KM time?

I am sure there are others that would find this useful as well.

The other question would be that if I just converted the mile time (1.6km) into a km time, would that be accurate to use for training?

so if my best mile time is 7min (for ex) to get my km time I divide the 7 mins by 1.6 and get 4.37. So for my Speed Zones, I would look at the Table and convert all the 7 min Mile Speed Zone times to km times and use those as speed zones by dividing them by 1.6.

Would this work out OK?

Sorry if this may sound confusing.


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So I did my mile test yesterday and have been trying to work out how to convert my Mile time (1.60932 Km) to Km's.  First I thought that you could just divide the time by 1.6 and this would give me a minutes / km time.  Nup that didn't work.  So I worked out that I had to convert the time to seconds, then divide by 1.60932, then divide that number by 60. Then any decimal point after that needed to be converted to seconds rather than the faction of a minute that it was.

TI'll post the formula when I refine it a bit more.....

OK, So I think this is the fomula to convert from minutes per mile to minutes per km.  Just substitute the "P4" for the cell you want to convert.


Seems to work so far.



This is a good resource to cross check the zones. Excel is a good tool for conversions.

I had a play in excel to do the conversion and found success with simply dividing by 1.609344 (the mile to km factor). To do this you need to input the pace as a time i.e 6:30.


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