I've been doing the slant board exercises/lunges and upper body exercises for 4 weeks and wearing the B2R shoes for 3 weeks and I started out feeling great (and probably pushed too hard!).  After a week or so in the shoes pain developed in my right foot, mainly in my heel and in the muscles leading to it from my forefoot so I backed off the running but kept up all the exercises and a few drills. 

I thought perhaps I wasn't activating my big toe enough and have been conscious of trying to do that when I run but it doesn't seem to be getting any better.  I haven't done any hill work since I started wearing the shoes and tried a small run up a hill this morning and I couldn't feel the strain in my foot like I could when I ran on the flat so I'm wondering if that's the solution.

What drills should I be focusing on to fix this?  Are hills the answer?


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Hey Jill - I think first and for most, make sure you are allowing your heel to strike the ground after your forefoot strike.  You might be keeping the heel elevated, which could place some stress on your heel/arch.

Focus on your cadence and be sure you are not doing too much too soon in the shoes if you are not used to the zero drop.

Hills are always good, but in this case, I would focus also on the above heel strike and cadence work.

And as i state in the book, more is not always better, better is better.  So right now, focus on good form, strength and transition - where you can get into trouble is trying to do all of this AND maintain a normal or increased running volume.

It's as my heel goes down towards the ground and back up that I feel the strain so that's where I thought hills maybe better as my heel doesn't hit the ground when I run up a hill.

I have backed off completely with running, under 10 minute runs for the last 2 weeks and sometimes only 5 minutes.


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