I have completed the full 20 week training program from the book and am now back with my running group mostly on trails. Its been about 2 months and I've noticed that the ball of my foot (right below my 2nd and 3rd toes) is quite sore. I've tried a few deep tissue massages and usually that would fix it but not this time. Seems to be getting worse so I've backed off the running this week.

I'm continuing to do the exercises on the balance board and disc board before each run. It did feel like this eased it initially but now it doesn't seem to help with the soreness.

Any help, suggestions or advice would be great. Did a search online and the main tip seemed to be get more cushioned shoes!

What do you think? Is it just a case of needing time to adjust back to trails or does it indicate that something is off with my form?

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It could possibly be an increase in mileage too soon.  I experienced similar pain when transitioning to the Vibram Five Fingers too quickly.  To solve it, I temporarily went back to my old cushioned running shoes and did a really slow transition back to the VFFs over a period of six months.  That was four years ago, and even though I ditched the VFFs for B2Rs, I haven't had a reoccurance of the pain.


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