I watched the video online and attempted to do the scorpion; however, it was a major struggle. Is there an easier exercise to replace it, or something I can do to build up the muscles for it?

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It is very difficult. Remember, the entire program works together training you to improve your athleticism and your ability to fire muscles and move well.  So work on the the exercises that you can do, as this is the training for the more difficult exercises. And begin your scorpion practice by trying to perfect one, then two, then three….it will happen.

Okay, thanks I will continue the other exercises. Also, today I did the form drills then went for a run after stretching my quad. I tried to increase cadence like you told me. There was no knee pain, so thanks for the tip. I will tell you if the pain returns. Hopefully not. 

keep stretching the quad during this time until good form/cadence and muscle memory take hold.


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