Hi. I could use recommendations for a heart rate monitor with watch that will get me through the 5-month Foundation Program. I appreciate any recommendations. Thanks!

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Hi Sara, 

To get the most out of the programs in the book, you want a HR monitor with GPS. One great, simple option is the Garmin Forerunner 35, which you can get online for less than $100. As with all wrist HR monitors, you want to get a compatible chest strap for accurate HR readings, NONE of the "optical" wrist sensors are accurate, especially when running. You can use any strap that is ANT+ compatible, there are a lot to choose from. Beyond this simple unit, you get more features, extended battery life, etc. as you spend more $$, but you certainly could use the 35 for a long time as you grow as a runner. Based on my personal experience, anything from Polar, Suunto, Garmin & Coros is quality and generally reliable. Hope this helps! 

Hi Bradford,

Thank you very much - this is super helpful and is just the info I needed. I didn't understand from reading the product descriptions that the chest straps didn't come with a watch and vice-versa. That's a big help.

Thanks again!


Of course, happy to help. Shout if you have any more questions, it's a confusing market :)

Hi Bradford - I wanted to ask if you have recommendations for hands-free sandals. Now that my feet are getting really strong thanks to Eric's program, my Olukai and other padded flip flops are no longer comfortable. I have a pair or Xero sandals that I like, but they require some use of my hands to get them on and off. I am wanting easy slip on/slip off sandals (the kind I'll take on and off ten times a day) and I don't know where to look now that my feet are strong. Any advice?

Your earlier input was very helpful so I thought I'd start with you. Hope you don't mind.

Hi Sara! I don't mind at all. My favorite sandals are from Bedrock, but they do require you to use your hands to get them on. I use a flip flop like Havaianas for short trips, but they aren't nearly as good for longer walks. I also have some Sanuks that are wonderfully light and flexible, but not truly slip-on.

Not sure the style you're looking for, but these look promising: 



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Foot Core

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