The off season is a good time For me to assess my season. Did I meet my race goal?  What are some of the positives from my season and what can I work on for next year.  I just looked back at my profile to see what my race goal was.  Success!!!  I wanted a top 20 finish on my last race and placed 17th.  I have set a new goal for 1012 and I'm taking some time off to do other activities and recharge for next season.

     How did your season go?  I bet Eric would love to know!




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Congrats on a great season, how are you going to top this in 2012?

By dreaming bigger!

My goals seem a bit modest, but they're big for me. The very amateur cross country season just kicked off in Oct where I live, so I'm still trying to meet my goals. So far so good.  First goal: to start and finish races faster. I've always hung back at the start of a race, fearful that I'd run out of juice toward the end. Then I'd finish and feel like I hadn't given it my all. Two races going and I've started strong and finished a bit less strong but very satisfied. I've shaved about 10 minutes off my 10k times. Second goal: see hills as my friends. I've done a lot of hill work, and a lot of upper body strengthening. I've worked on my form for up and down hills and it's paid big dividends in the cross country. I'm faster up and down, and more importantly, I actually think they're loads of fun. When the cross country season is over, my goal for 2012 is entering and completing 3 Fell races in northern England.


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