I just purchased the 6 week program and did the 1 mile test.  However, when I went to calc the HR zones and entered my HR it said it couldn't calc the results based upon the info provided ( I think the HR was too low).  I bumped the HR up a couple of beats and then got the program to give some results.  Is this okay?  Did I do the test wrong?  I ran about as fast as I felt I could run steadily, and used a polar FT1 HR monitor.


Thanks for the help


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i got the same response but even bumping it up i never did get it to calculate anything.

Yes, this means your HR was a bit low.  What was your avg/max HR numbers for your test?

my average was 130 and my max was 141 eric.

and i'm 59.5 if age has anything to do with it

The average was 145, and the high was 152.



I'm 43

I re-ran the test, going a bit faster while still being able to finish without struggling, and was able to get an average HR of 169 and a max of 178 that I am able to use in the calculations to get my zones.  I will be going with those unless I hear something different.



Dennis - those are much better numbers and more in line with what i would expect.  Use the 169 avg for the calculation process.

Just finished the 6 week program and started the 8 week program. I did the 6 minute test today and got lower average HR than I did when I did the 1 mile test for the 6 week program. For the 6 week program I got 148 average HR, but now doing the 6 minute test I got 143 average HR.

I feel much better after 6 weeks, and I am able to run without stopping to walk (something I had to do in the first couple of week of starting the 6 week program - my HR was just going to high and out of the zone I needed to stay is). So I feel much more fit than I ever did. My resting HR is lower now by 5-7 BPM than it was when I started the 6 week program.

The 143 result (minus 8) is too low for the training peaks software to use in order to calculate my zones.

Any advice as to how to proceed?


Haim - that is low.  Lets have you use the same zones as in the 6 week program and then after 4 weeks of the program, do a ONE MILE test in replace of the 6 min.  Still use the same calculations.


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