PTT? Or something to do with a tendon in my ankle/foot arch

So, I seem to have a problem with my ankle...and it's super frustrating.  But all things that make us slow down are I think.

Anyway--I noticed that on my 5 mile runs I was getting a pain on the inner part of my ankle, right near the bone.  I found that if I walked for a bit and stretched, that it would go away.  I would run for a bit more and the pain would come back...

At first it was annoying but no big deal.  Now, it's still annoying and not as big of a deal as when my IT Band was all inflamed, but it's definitely something that I'm concerned about.

I have absurdly high arches and have always had crampy feet.  A lot of my previous problems seem to have cleared up once I learned how to run properly, however.   I've been running in minimalist shoes for about 2 years now.  Typically the cases of PTT I've read about happen early on when the foot is still weak.

I would resign myself to just staying off of it for a while (though I'm supposed to be training for a half marathon in April...) except the pain goes away when I'm running up-hill.

So--if it's true that you can't run up a hill wrong, then to me that means that when I'm running normally, I'm still not quite on target.

Anyone dealt with what I"m describing? Thoughts?

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Hey Larissa, how's it going?

Do you think it is a shin splint? I used to get those and it sounds similar. You might want to rule out stress fracture though. I'd get thee to a doctor to be safe. 

For shin splint prevention, consider walking around on your heels a bit every day. Ever since I started that 2 years ago, my shin problems went away.

Are you doing Rock the Parkway?I did it last year. It's a fun course. I'm still on the fence about that one. I got a local coach and she said it would be a good gut-check for me if I wanted to pick it up.  I'm training for a full marathon in the fall, yet to be selected. 

Hey there,

I've never had shin splints so I'm not sure--the pain is definitely down by the ankle bone and along the arch.   I had considered a stress fracture--I will see what a dr would charge to take a look at it--no health insurance :(

I am signed up for Rock the Parkway (c: I'm looking forward to it!

You should totally do it--I think it would fit in nicely with a Full Marathon training plan of sorts.  Do you have any particular Fulls that you're "interviewing?"

Hi. If its ok when going uphill then try to replicate that style on the flat boring stuff. Do you use a treadmill? The one good use for them is to run barefoot or in socks & listen to to how you land. Try to make it as quiet as possible (no thumping). You may find that shortening the stride or bending the knees a little more on landing will help.
Then get back on the road & see if it helps.

Thanks for the suggestions--I do have a treadmill and I will give it a try.  I've been trying to relax the ankle more to allow my heel to come all the way to ground.  I figure when you're running uphill the foot and ankle naturally relax to keep you stable.  I think I need to mimic this on flat ground and make sure that my heel really is coming all the way down to the ground.


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