i think i have a heel spur on my right heel.....i thought it was pf but a)  the pain doesn't go away, ever, and b) the pain doesn't go away, ever. i believe i had pf a couple of seasons ago and that was more like a tearing sensation across the bottom of the foot from the heel to about mid sole.

when i stretch the foot by putting my toes flat and trying to push the heel to the ground there is pain the comes up the back of the heel.  generally it feels like i'm running, or walking, with a marble under the heel.


does anyone have any experience with this? i don't want to stop training and i've read other posts on the board about using five fingers or other lighter shoes and being sure to strike on the forefoot as a way of getting through it. i usually run in nb mt100's or five fingers but right now i've gone back to a heavier montrail serota with superfeet and a dr. scholls gelled heel pad. helps a little.


any thoughts out there?





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hey Dean - if it is truly a heel spur, you might try acupuncture.   And, you might take 4-5 days off and if rest helps, this could be your best solution.


eric, how do i know what it is?
Heel spurs are not uncommon.  In fact, most of us probably have them.  So I would take 3-4 days off completely to see if you notice a difference.  If you do, then continue to take off until the pain subsides.


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