Sorry to hear about the dreaded PF.  That is not fun.  Since you are not able to run very much right now, I think this would be a good time to experiment with barefoot running, as this could really help.  If you are a veteran runner, I would try 15-20 min of VERY EASY barefoot running on grass.  Do this 2 -3 times per week, with not much other running, so you can get a sense of how things are feeling ONLY from going barefoot.

Secondly, self massage the calf of your PF foot and see if there is a very tender spot or "knot".  I suspect you do and if so, massage it fairly deep.  It will be painful, but massage it as deep as you can stand it.  And then stretch the calf.  Continue to do this massage/stretch sequence for a week to 10 days until you can feel the calf stretch go into your heel.  When this happens, you will know it and it will feel like a burning sensation in the heel.  Again, always massage first and then stretch, doing this several times per day, holding the stretch for 60-90 seconds at a time.

Lastly, practice balancing flat footed on one leg for up to 60-90 seconds.  Once you get proficient at this, progress to balancing on your forefoot of each leg - this is hard, be patient and consistent.

Hope this helps - E

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Good advice.  I've just overcome my PF and it was the most disheartening experience - to go from running fluidly to suddenly not even being able to walk.

After a steriod injection and five months of slow recovery, I discovered Eric's running drills and technique and learned there's another way to run other than striking with the heel.  I'm eager to try out this running technique and get back into my running so I can qualify for the Army Reserves.

Check out the Sock-doc and his videos on PF. He has you releasing trigger points on the medial part of your shin bone. It will instantly release PF discomfort. 

I have been suffering from PF for about 6 months and it was driving me nuts... didn't matter wether I ran or not... massaged my foot or not. Then I read "born to run" and found this site. Now I have had a look at Sock-doc and massaged as he suggested and low and behold... It is not completely gone, but it is very good and getting better... I can see me being free of PF again. Thank you

Icing helped me. I really babied my foot when I started exercising again. Even if it didn't hurt I elevated it and put it on ice after exercising. By icing you help cool the muscles around it which can help too. 

I've been worried too about developing PF in my other foot, luckily it's been fine so far.


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