Phase 2 and Plantar Fascia Flare Up...Now I'm Grumpy with the PT

Been a runner for 20+ years. Bouts of Plantar Fasciitis for last 5 years. Found CI last year..transitioned from stiff high heel to minimal shoe/barefoot over the last 9 months AND learning to run fore/midfoot strike vs. heel strike. Before Christmas felt great! Had nice long runs with no foot pain. Was so excited that FINALLY something made my feet pain free. Over the winter when wearing two pairs of socks I suspect my form/gait suffered because I couldn't feel ground, or I was bent over in the cold..not sure. Anyway...February PF slightly flaring up...tried to focus more on form. Had a bad run last week, lots of arch pain. Went to Physical Therapist, said I needed some strength training especially in my ankles and glutes (insert sheepish grin) I have let my cross training slide...I enjoy running that much. I am sure I do need to strengthen up those muscles and run maybe one or two days less than I do. But what really aggravates me is that the PT really pushed that my shoes weren't supportive enough (I can fold them in half and probably put them in my pocket) and automatically tried to sell me arch supports. I just wanted to smack him. 

Anyone else have similar experiences? Any advice? Suggestions? 

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Could it be that you're overstriding?  I have a slight biomechanical inefficiency in that my left foot's stride is slightly longer than my right.  So sometimes when I think that I'm doing the forefoot/midfoot strike correctly, my heel is actually kissing the ground first.  Not by much, but it is doing it.  That's when I start to feel a little soreness in the arch that, for me, might be advanced warning of PF.  When I feel that soreness, I have to remind myself to shorten my left foot's stride.

That is a possibility! I do find myself thinking that my right foot(the problem foot) has a longer stride.I I think I was getting too confident possibly.  But I do make a extra effort for a light heel strike. Thanks for the advice! I'll work on that after I get done with physical therapy. 


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