Hi everyone, was wondering if anyone could help. I completed the Tarawera Ultra down here in NZ 3 weeks ago. On the day I took a couple of falls on the techy terrain hitting my left kneecap quite hard in the process. Since then I have had Patellofemoral syndrome type symptoms, something i have never had problems with. I only get pain when I run, have been able to continue strength training without any problems and have good range of motion and power. Any pain I have had from the attempts I have made to run has disappeared right afterward. I'm finding not being able to run is driving me NUTS! I otherwise feel really fit and have to hold myself back everyday which is extremely frustrating. Any advice in how to deal with this or has anyone experienced this before?
Love to hear from anyone who could help.

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Had the exact same issue found out it was a stress fracture.  Go to doc and get an xray to rule it out or get treated.  

Thanks Richard, I am doing just that tomorrow. What sort of recovery time did you have?


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