Hey guys, not sure if this is the right forum for this post, but i'm gonna role with it.

First a little history.  This past August I strained my ITB while running a pretty brutal trail.  I tried to treat this myself, with little success, so I saw a doctor who (after a crazy amount of X-rays) confirmed that I had a strained ITB and had developed some patella tracking issues.  He sent me to do some PT, which I did 2 months of.

I'm about a month out of PT and my ITB is feeling pretty good (I've been really working the gluteus medius).  At my follow up appointment with the Doc, I told him my Patella is still bothering me when I run. Specifically a dull pain towards the bottom outside of the Patella that comes on after running about 20 mins and grows in intensity.  He said the best fix for that is to make the quad as strong as humanly possible and sent me on my way.

I'm hoping you guys can suggest some specific exercises that might be able to help with Patella problems.  So far I've been doing lots of single leg presses and fit ball lunges.  

This nagging injury is really putting a wrinkle in my CI plans for this year and I'm starting to feel really discouraged.  Any help would be awesome.


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Crazy response by the Doc.  This means your quads are TOO dominate and causing tight muscles, which therefore are pulling on your knee, causing the poor tracking.  so if this is the case, we can simply detect this by stretching your quad really well, holding the stretch for 1-2 minutes at a time.

Do this prior to running and then when you feel the knee, stop and stretch.  If this is the case, you should feel immediate pain relief.  So try this and let us know what you experience and we can go from there.


Forgot to mention, if you have a foam rolling, you can roll the quad first and then stretch.  Always roll first.

Rolling and stretching, got it.  I'll give it a go and report back.  Thanks Eric!!

Sometimes it is the simple things that are needed.  So do not see this advice as minimizing the pain you feel, I get it, but this should tell us what is going on.

I did some deep quad stretches that I found online last night, wow I had no idea they were so tight.  I think it was mostly a case of me not being aware of the range of motion they should have.  

I'm going to stick with stretching for a few of days and go for a run over the weekend and see how things are.  I'll let you know.  Thanks again!

awesome.  And when out running, if you feel the knee, stop right there and stretch. I think you will find this is the problem.  If so, we can then attack WHY they are tight.

Jeremy, I had the same issue in my left knee...it comes and goes. Leg lifts seem to help. My 2 cents.

So my run went ok.  I caught some tightness coming on in the middle of the outer quad muscle, before i felt the knee.  Stopping and stretching it out gave me another 5mins before it came back.  Rinse and repeat, but at least i didn't have any knee pain.


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