Hello, how are you?

I still can't believe it, last Saturday I manage to finish, within the 11 hours cut off time, my first ultra race :)

It was the Country to Capital 43 miles / 70 Km, ending in London, England.

I'm 46 years old and I have started running around 1 year ago. I made it in around 9 hours and 30 min. It was tougher then I thought, but in the end, thanks also to other runners support, I made it to the finish line :)

It has been an incredible experience and I'm looking forward to the next one :)

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Well done, solid effort.

Did you follow Eric's Plan? 

Hi Ben,

Thank you:)

Yes, I did follow the training plan in the cool impossible first, including the core muscle exercises and lately the legs exercises.

I then got the 50 Mile/100K Trail Race - 20 Week Training Plan


To be honest, I have not finished it yet.

Interesting. I had a look at this plan. Is the 20 Week training plan much different to the cool impossible plan? or just more of an extension of differences. 

What are your next plans? finish the 20 week plan?

I am about to start my second time with the cool impossible plan. Had to take a break from running due to a foot issue (non running related). In my break i have been doing lots of the leg strength exercises and really notice the alignment and stability improvements.

Hi Ben,

My plan is to finish the 20 keeks plan, at at the end of May I will run my first 100Km Ultra race so I want to make sure I have the appropriate training.

I will also intensify my legs exercise as I did realize that I need more strength.

I think, the 20 weeks plan, it's more like an extension. It is "harder" in the way that you spend more hours running and you have more "hills" sessions.  There are one tempo and one interval session per weeks, some of those to run on hills.

I found the format similar to the cool impossible training, you still have to do the hart rate test the first day, just more demanding.

Please let me know if you have more questions.



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