The heading for my run tomorrow says aerobic interval threashold 2x10 minute intevals in high 4, but the description below is completely different

WU: 20 min. in zone 1-3 + 5 X 30 sec. building speed. MS: 3 X 10 min. steady climb in high zone 4. Run steady back down the hill and start next climb. CD: Zone 1.

Which one do i follow?

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And its 1:30

From my experience with workouts, usually the more descriptive portion is what he is actually wanting you to do. I would go with the bottom description, that would fit with the time frame as well. 

Hi David, is this Eric's 20 week marathon program?

Yes it seems like the titles on some days are incorrect. Ill use Loris idea of just doing whats in the description.

Hi David, I too have issues with the program, at the start, the program describes the 1 mile/1.6km test required and how to log the HR data from the test but in TCI book you use the 20 minute run test to set your HR zones and the 1 mile/1.6km test to set you Speed zones.

Also, the program only refers to "zones" and given you only log your HR it can only be assumed that the "zones" mentioned in the program are HR. I logged a discussion last night explaning this and indicating I felt disapointed at this, as in TCI book you use both HR and speed during your training and it's far more comprehensive, you know how your tracking and where you should be far more easily and with greater accuracy. To my mind the HR zones have to be far more accurate if your HR data is gathered over a 20 minute run. To this end I'm using the data I obtained after testing at the end of phase 1 of the Strategic Running Foundation before moving onto phase 2.

Of cause there is a possibility that Eric has a reason for this but my hunch is that the company marketing Eric's program just havn't got it right as there are a couple of typo's within the text as well. Given the cost $175.00 AU I would have expected a better product, but like I said maybe Eric has a reason for the deviation from the TCI.

Thank you for the response. For the record, since being injured in my first half marathon three years ago ive used Erics six or eight week beginner program, the half program and now the marathon program. Ive been running injury free , knock on wood, and with more efficiency, first half was 1:59 now im down to 1:43 with less effort. I recently did a 30k trail run in 90 degree heat in the hills of Pittsburgh. I can say without these i wouldnt be where i am today with my running. Im assuming there are just some typos out there. If it were me, i would clean them up, because for $175 i would want it to be perfect, but im definitely not complaining. Eric is the man.

Hi David, first of all congratulations on your progression and improvement it's impressive.

And for the record I'm not complaining either about Eric's philosophies or his program just how it seems to have been interpreted and reproduced by others and yes, "he is the man".

I won't bore you but as I've documented in this place (it's a long journey & story) how after not running for years, being told not to run and to wear orthotics in all my shoes, I've been running again for almost 3 years because of Eric and TCI. I now don't use orthotics in my day to day shoes at all and I'm transitioning out of my orthotics in traditional runners and into B2R trail shoes.

Oh yes, Eric is the MAN!

Thats awesome! Keep it up!


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