Hi everyone, I've started running again over the past six months after a few years off due to physical and mental injury (won't go into it). However over the past month i have lost all power in my legs. I can't do any speed work, legs just won't 'go', and I can only manage really slow runs (10min/mile).

Before getting back into eric's training I may have been pushing too hard for six months: looking back most of my runs were tempo runs, vo2 max runs. I just loved being able to run again and went fast. Even my longs run in hindsight were too fast. 
Could this be some sort of burnout? I have a lot of pain in my calves around the sides. 
I do strength training 2-3 times a week so don't think it's that. 

Has anyone else been through this? Tips for getting through?

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Hi Rachel, have things improved over the last month? If you haven’t been foam rolling and/or stretching your leg muscles, you could have overly tight muscles. A good Physical Therapist or Run Trainer (like Eric) should be able to help you by giving you an in-person assessment. It sounds like you went out too hard after time off from injury…it is easy to do that, especially if you are used to doing distance and speed.


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