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So I am  a die hard B2R wearer. I've been in the road shoes for nearly 2 years I think. The trails I have been in prototypes for nearly a year....CAN'T WAIT for the release in January! Since my cool impossible will include taking on some seriously rugged terrain and a 200 mile race, at the urging of Eric I have reluctantly expanded my trail shoe collection.  Her'es what I'm finding with these shoes...

B2R trails: By far my favorite. Very comfortable, just enough cushion. Zero drop. My feet can actually move in these and I feel like I can grip and feel the terrain and just move really well and naturally in these bad boys. They have excellent traction in all weather conditions. They fit my foot like a glove so I have not had ANY blisters or rubbing. They dry out fast when I trample through creeks.  I have run up to 50 mile distance mountain race in them with about a thousand creek crossings and never had to change shoes or socks..finished with no blisters even!

Altra Lone Peaks: Rockin’ awesome shoe!  Comes in second to the B2R trail shoe in feel and comfort...and sense that I can still feel the trail. Thicker than the B2R trail, but still very neutral and zero drop. They are great and very tough.  AND they have little built in velcro on the heel for it! I also like the orange/yellow color. Great traction. The toe box is quite wide, which surprisingly is not awkward for me. Pretty true to size in general

Scarpa: Definitely a rugged mountain running shoe. pretty sure I could kick a rock with full force and not really it, which has my great toenails singing the Hallelujah chorus! After 30, 40, 50, 90 miles the percentage of rock/stump toe kicks increases exponentially! They are a bit rigid and beefy, but still very neutral. I can feel the heel drop...think it’s around 4-6mm, and have yet to really take em for a long trail run. I see these as a good go to shoe when my feet get tired and need a change, but nervous about running looooong with that heel drop since I have run zero drop for so long. Did I mention rugged? I’m pretty sure they could even stand up to my 2 year old lab’s chewing.  Hmmm...we probably have spent way more on chew toys in the past year than these shoes no Snowflake, quite drooling, you cannot have them.

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Hey Lori, 

Great write-up. I have yet to try B2R shoes but I love my Altra Lone Peaks. I'm assuming that's the model you are referring to in your review as the Trail Roc is made by Inov-8 (also really nice). Which model of Scarpa are you wearing? Thanks and happy new year!

Thanks Brad, they are the Scarpa Spark.

B2Rs look great - I wish there was a supplier in the UK! I've run in Brooks Pureflow for the past 2 years - they're very comfy, very light, very low drop - but what's impressed me most since starting on forefoot strike running is that there is no wear on the soles. None. The only reason I'll ever need to replace them is when the uppers all apart. In the bad old heel striking days, I went through a pair of clunky heeled Sauconys every 6 months...

Paul - B2R now has a UK shipment center.  See the website for more.  New trail shoes should be there by end of the month.

Hi Eric,

Last weekend I did receive email from Eric Swartz with the same message.

Within a few weeks a European fulfillment in Germany will start. Also with a European website for B2R shoes, and I do hope other products of B2R.

Even my old B2R roadshoes,  on which I am sometimes still running , do give the best feel for my running. So I agree with Lori.

B2R shoes promote themselves!!!

Hi Eric,

Yes, I contacted the UK shipment centre - problem was that there were lots of extra charges for things like import duty, and that's before I've even tried the shoes on! I'm reluctant to buy running shoes before I've checked them for fit and comfort, so it would be great to see the shoes turning up in some of the UK running shops


Hi Paul,

I am running for one year in B2R road shoes en have to replace them because the lot of miles I did run on these shoes.

Also running on Brooks Pure drift for a few months, but really I am longing back to  new B2R trail shoes, because of the natural feel of these shoes.

So the more costs is for me ok. Shipping to Holland last year was also expensive.

Hi Albert,

It's not the cost - I'll happily pay the extra if I'm sure it will fit. But what I've found with ordering running shoes on line before is that if they don't fit, there's the cost/inconvenience of returning/replacing them - which, again, is multiplied if they've got to go all the way back to the States!

Hi Paul,

My B2R size is US9 Men

My size Brooks Pure Drift is size US size 9.5 Men

The Brooks is a lttle roomier than the B2R.

The B2R does fit me like a glove.

I did sent a footprint to Born2run in order to get the right size for me

I am still waiting for the new B2R. Now running on Brooks pure drift shoes, for me the best choice at this moment.

My B2R size is M9. What  size I can choose for Altra's. Do you have to size up with  a halve or more. So in my case size 9.5 or 10 for Altra's.???

I do like . A lot of good information for zero drop. Also walking on LEMS nine2five shoes. Do you also know something about the Altra superior trailshoe??

For you Lori best wishes for 2014 and a lot of fun on the trails.

I have worn Brooks Pure series in the past and found them to be a comfortable trail shoe as well. You should not need to go up or down, I would go by what size your Pure shoes are. I am an 8.5 womens pretty much across the board and did not have to go up or down. I have only tried the Lone Peak version but give them top rating next the B2R trails. Hope that helps and best wishes for you as well!
Also like that website, great video instruction on stretches and overall good info about transitioning shoes and giving information about the how and why of foot problems and transition.


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