I am just starting phase 2 of the Cool Impossible and I have a question regarding long run lengths. I noticed that in Phase 2 Week 2 you have a 30' warm up and a 40' run in the main set and then it says to extend your run in HRZ 2-3 to equal 60%-70% of your longest run in Phase 1. My question is, does the 30' warm up count towards the 60%-70% time or is it extra?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought all time were cumulative, maye I did Phase 1 wrong!

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I have also been trying to find an answer to this. I've been looking through the other posts, and other members have seemed to think that the 60-70% is based only on the main set times from Phase 1 for only the main set time in Phase 2, so with the warm-ups and cool-downs in Phase 2, the runs actually end up still being similar in time to the long runs towards the end of Phase 1.  I just wanted to double check as well - is the general consensus that the 60-70% of your longest run in Phase 1 referring to a) only the main set in Phase 1, and b) only the main set in Phase 2?

Also, in Phase 2, weeks 2 and 5 say to extend the run to 60-70% of the longest run in Phase 1, and the other weeks don't specifically say that, but I got the impression all the long runs are meant to be extended beyond the hilly run work to meet that 60-70% time anyway. Is that the case?

Dani, EO answered this on another platform, I think it was Twitter. His answer was that the 60% to 70% includes the warm up and cool down. You simply extend your cool down to get in your required time. So if you did a 3 hour run in phase 1 as your longest run, you would have to run 108 to 126 minutes total for all steps in the workout. To answer your second question, yes, you should extend all workouts to the specified time.

Hope this helps!

Thank you very much!


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