Hi Eric,

recently I have been having increased knee and foot issues. The knee issues I have been told are due to weak Glutes and periformis issues, when I run and walk my knee moves to compensate for my feet which slay out to the side. Will the one legged squats help or are there other exercises that will also help?

With the foot, the pain is on the top of the foot, and has been diagnosed as either a stress fracture or injured tendons which i think it is. I have R.I.C.E for 5 days and then ran 2 days. The pain is still there but the inflamation is easier. Both issues are on my left leg which is the less dominant side.

As I am 2 weeks into the CCUM plan I am mindful of the need to train but also of the injury issue. Should I lay off running for a while and concentrate on strength or cycling or swimming to maintain fitness and go back to running when the injuries have sorted them selves?

Finally when there is a workout #1 and Workout #2 in the plan should I do both or just 1 of them?
lots fo questions I know!


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Hi Kevin - I would always listen to your body and make the best choice from a training standpoint. If you feel that a workout is counter productive, I would go to an cross training alternative such as cycling. I would do cycling before swimming. I would really rest your foot pain.

I would also really focus on doing the Fit ball Lunges in the video section. Use a BOSU on the front leg if you can. This is a great exercise and will really target your glut medius and will train your stabilizers, starting with your big toe and moving right up the kinetic chain. You will really feel these in the gluts...which will drive home the importants of your gluts.

As for workout #1-2...do both if you can and have time. If not, focus on the foot strength workout.



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