Hey all - so ... inspired by the books of Chris McDougal and Eric (and Scott Jurek) I am ready to begin trying a forefoot strike.  My question is footwear.  It probably doesn't make sense to try it in my current Asics GT2000 I assume.  Am I okay buying any pair of Altras at this point?  Found a pair on Amazon for less than 70 just not sure if the style really matters all that much.   I will run on roads most of the time if it matters.

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Hey Rich - good to hear!

I would definitely get an Altra that is road specific, versus their trail shoes.  I like the Altra ONE or Escalente. The others have a little too high of a profile for me.

You might also be able to find some Inov8 road shoes on discount.  They are great and will vary in drop from zero to 3-4mm.  They are wonderfully flexible and have a great natural feel.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Eric!  I will check them out.

So I settled on a pair of Sauconys with a 4 mm drop.  Decided I didn't want to try zero out of the gate.  Went for first 1/2 run / walk to day and then a 1/4 barefoot in the grass.  Felt okay but I think I had it down (I watched the videos and re-read the chapters in Cool Impossible enough!)  My question is how to proceed.  Should I continue with very short runs, or put my old sneaker back on to do some longer runs while I acclimate.  And do I return to my heel strike while doing longer runs?  Thanks all.

This sounds great. I would definitely follow the build up plan in the book to help and as you are transitioning maybe reduce your long runs while you work on form. You do not want to revert back to heel striking - but you do want to always allow the heel to strike AFTER your forefoot strikes the ground. Do not keep heel elevated off the ground.

Stay patient while you develop the muscle memory and the heart rate zone 2 guidance will really help.

Thanks a lot Eric!


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