If there was one piece of advice for a new runner what would it be?

I have been running for a few weeks only (a hundred miles has to start with the first step!) I run early in the morning as I find this so refreshing mentally however physically I find of the three miles I run I only truly enjoy the last mile. As it takes my body this time to really get going. Is this normal?

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Yes this is normal for quite a few people. Even when I was in race shape it took me 20 minutes to get warmed up and in a groove.

My one piece of advice is stolen from Caballo Blanco. "Easy, Light, Smooth" if you are making all sorts of noise when you run than you are landing to hard on your feet. Eventually you will get injured.

Thanks, I am really new to running but very keen to progress in the correct manner. Today was a real achievement as I ran 3 miles for the first time without stopping. I took on board your advice and imagined I was running barefoot, I think the concentration took my mind off the breathing and I relaxed, it was a nicer run this morning thanks.

Second bit of advice is watch Eric's drills.


try a long warmup with eric's drills, some air squats, walking lunges, etc.  especially in the morning, it's hard to just get moving. :)


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