Hi All. I am restarting the program outlined in TCI after an extended (loooong) layoff from running. I'm working through the 4-6 weeks of 4x:30/week easy runs prior to beginning the performance plan. Should I monitor HR at this early stage to keep the effort easy, or go by RPE? Thank you!

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Hi, I definitely understand where you are at.  I am restating the programme too. Just waiting on an injury to settle.

My personal view is keep this easy. Run at around a pace where you can breath through your nose. I found it nice have a period of running not controlled by my watch before I got into the programme proper. 

Thanks, Ben! That's what I was thinking as well. This period precedes the formal HR training part of the program, so using RPE makes sense. 

I never think it hurts to wear the monitor and start gathering knowledge.  Or do what Ben suggested but wear the watch and look at data afterward. Nose breathing can be an eye opener.

Bring on the program!

Thanks, Eric! Yeah, I have been wearing the monitor so far. I don't have a zone alarm set right now. It's a bit alarming how easily my HR elevates while running (as opposed to cycling), due in no small part to the excess muscle weight I'm carrying after throwing kettlebells around for a few years ;) I'll be patient and enjoy the process of becoming a runner again. 


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