Hi everyone!

I'm in week 12 of Phase I - so it is test week! The Cool Impossible has done so much good for me, I was not really a beginner before but in these past 12 weeks I felt I've improved in so many ways - mentally, physically, ...

Now my test results are a little mysterious to me: my 1mile test was quite some improvement: from 8:30/mile to 8:02/mile, AVG HR from 169 to 174. This seems very consistent to my felt progress. But my 20min test was exactly the same (8:41/mile=3.71km) as before, my AVG HR increasing from 168 to 170. Now this mystifies me: I read some helpful input from Eric here in other posts, saying that increasing HR is a good sign, thresholdwise. But is this also true when the speed did not increase at all? (One thing I noticed when analyzing my stats: my pace chart was so much smoother than in the original test where it spiked a lot in every direction.)

My theory is that, as my AVG speed was very similar in both tests in the first place, now it progressed to a more balanced correlation, as Eric said in another post, speed of 20min test should be about 92-95% of speed of 1mile test. Or is this just wishful thinking?


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Great post here Christiane.  My sense is that when you started the program, your strength endurance (20 min test) was very good and a strength of yours. And therefore you saw more of a change from the one mile test.  And your current test data so more of a balance between the speeds I would expect from a 1 mile and 20 min test.  

So lets see if the Phase 2 portion of the program really helps the 20 min test and improves your strength endurance - which IS the focus of Phase 2.

Thank you so much, Eric, for your reply! This is a point of view I did not see - that strength endurance was my strength from the start - very enlightening - as I somehow thought it to be the other way round - so much to learn here!

Now I'm even more curious for Phase 2 - I think it is such a fascinating journey - being aware of what's happening...

On Sunday I'm going to do my first half marathon - a Virtual Race: "The Tarahumara Marathon" by virtualrunners.de. After some rest days it will be on to Phase 2!

Many thanks and greetings! -Christiane

Have a great race this weekend and send your avg HR and avg pace for the half and we can see how this relates to what we are talking about here.

My halfmarathon race went really great! 2hrs 6min 4sec = avg pace 5:58/km or 9:37/mile. Avg HR was 159. Conditions were good: 5 degrees Celsius, light snowfall, not too much wind, dry ground, completely flat (Eliud Kipchoges Sub-2hr Marathon track in Vienna!),  Thanks for your great advice and support!


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