new to the site (I hope this discussion is in the right place), thought i'd mention a running injury that i had last month.

during the marine corps marathon i hurt my hip. after MRI, xray, etc it's been determined it's tendinitis in my right hip flexor.

I'm pretty sure my injury is related to my reading the Chi running book and trying on my own to do so much of my stride behind my body. this resulted in me kicking my back leg out so far behind me during my stride. I feel if i'd seen this

i'm doing stretches and exercises with a phys therapist and some of the exercises in the vidz from this site (albeit gingerly!). i don't understand how my right (the injured) leg is the front leg during a lunge feels so weak.

i'm not getting better and am very frustrated. really looking fwd to getting better and working on correcting my stride.

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Hi Mark - Your hip flexor issue MAY stem from poor glut strength/stability, which is why the lunges are so difficult for you AND why they are so beneficial. If your flexor issue is from this poor glut stability, stretching will not take care of the issue, because tightness is NOT causing the problem, as you are over working the flexor because your glut is not properly firing/working. E
i agree that i have glute firing issues, that seems to explain a lot. your exercise vidz will do wonders for my muscles' short comings!

the lunges are especially hard when my right leg is fwd (right hip being the side that's injured). Seems like the hip flexor wouldn't be used to help perform a lunge.


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