Hi, I am still in the Transition Program. I know now the answer is to read the book more often and accurately follow the plans. That said the pickle I am in is ever so slight pain in my calves and achilles tendon. I do not want to do damage so am asking for advise at this early stage.

Absolutely no support in home for exercise outside work. Yes we live on a farm. So I do not want to damage myself and not be "fit for work". So far, I know, I did not do strength training and stability regularly enough, but fairly fit, perhaps in wrong muscles. Can almost do initial test of standing on forefoot for 30secs with a good wobble. Now 57, 133lbs/60kg I perhaps have more a memory of being fit than actually fit.

Always a fore foot striker, I did concentrate on form and lifting the knees. Did walking and running for 4 weeks. Having found a training log on line I started playing with this. Alas ego crept in and during week five I wanted to beat my time on 5K. Did this... achieved 44mins.

Woke to stiff calves and never thought much about it. Then under weather for a week and did nothing. Week six I only ran from supermarket to repair garage for my car (0.4mile) in ordinary ankle boots and since then I have stopped. I did push this run, and really focussed on lifting the knee and breathing and small steps. Then next morning my calf muscles and heels felt stuck at 90 degrees when I stepped from bed. Thankfully it slackens quickly.

Now I have learnt on the net about foam roll exercises and drop heel stretches on a step.   Using a tennis ball under my foot. and just a round roller under my calves to smooth them out. 2 days into this I do believe these are helping.Now finishing Week 8. I did a walk/run only 10 mins 0.8 mile last night and no worse or better for it this morning.

As you will gather I am exactly what Eric wanted to achieve. Someone in every household running, but no background knowledge to bring to learning. My running has always been there whenever I wanted to run. This concentrating on form and running on tar for the first time (Fields too sticky) whilst reducing footwear is all my own fault. I did not buy new trainers, but wondered if old pair, were part of the problem so just ran in a pair of firm slippers. These did feel great at the time, but muscle memory is there 'cos when I went out in them to stick shed my feet were not happy.

I hope I have given enough detail to help. New to running I am shocked with the number of posts about injuries in all running forums. I think that is what has given me impetus to write and ask for help. My cool impossible is to finish the training schedule in the book. A real challenge in itself, if not quite what Eric had in mind.  I thoroughly enjoy the feel good after running and have experience 'running flight or effortless flowing running' whilst running for a purpose in the past.  Running a marathon doesn't really do it for me, or running trails, but I would like to get back my healthy glow which I have always enjoyed and old age seems to have removed at the moment.  I know just vain!!

My main question is what do you think would help me now to heal/quieten these aches and allow me to continue to increase my fitness.

Thank you for reading.

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Echo Robert's comments. This place is about being the best you can be measuring yourself against yourself and not those around you

Hi Mari,

I'll add to what many have said, what your just beginning and now part of is fantastic we are human after all and part do hurt, get injured and tired. Learning how your body & mind work and cope is real fun and challenging.  The goal is never give up small step or massive step keep going.

I'm sure in the months and years to come you can reflect on all your running achievements with pride. This is a great forum with lots of really good people.  I think what I'm saying is that the transition your going through and learning from is natural and normal,  learning and adjusting is the key.  We all have bad leg days LOL and bad mind days. Keep at this don't give in.


Well said Frank


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