Currently, I use Nike+ shoe sensor with my iPod nano to track my runs.  I like it it for it's simplicity, but it's not incredibly accurate.  Especially if I switch shoes.


I have been looking at moving to a Garmin, or maybe even a Suunto.  Then Nike just relaeased their Tomtom watch yesterday....


Any suggestions?

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I've been using the Garmin 305 for a couple years now and have absolutely no complaints, especially considering you can pick them up off of for 130 bucks!


It always seems to be accurate enough and takes the thought out of a lot route planning and other things that delay run starts. I just strap it on and hit the trail or road and it does the rest.

Thanks Bobby,

I just ordered a Garmin 305; I should get it tomorrow!
How do you like your Garmin now that you've had it a bit Joshua?  Any features you wish it had?  It looks bulkier than the 405 and wondered about that.  I am going to start one of Eric's plans and will be ordering soon. :)

So far I really like it.  I use it for running and biking.  I love the easy feedback on pace and HR.  I'll be buying a bike mount shortly, and maybe the cadence gizmos too.


It is a bit bulky, but the price on Amazon was too good to pass up.  But really you don't notice it much.


It is way more accurate and consistent than the Nike+.  Although, if price was no object, I would have gone with the iPhone GPS.  I looked real hard at Nike's TomTom watch too, but their pp customer service turned me off.


Good luck!

Thanks so much!  I was temporarily enamored by the cool factor and slim design of the Nike+, but after reading reviews and getting good advice (I appreciate your input!) - I ordered the 305 just this evening.


Now I just have to decide which of Eric's plans to go with. :/

iPhone GPS leaves a lot to be desired. While it seems to be fairly accurrate for me to know the total time and distance for a run and shows me my route on a map (through RunKeeper app), I find for knowing realtime pace/speed at a moment in time, it is trash. I would never be able to use it to help me keep an exact given pace as it can easily read one or more minutes per mile slower or faster at any instance. I think the GPS has some sort of lag and catchup issue in tracking my exact position. This is with iPhone 3gs and I would be curious if the newer iPhones are any better.



I have been using RunKeeper for about 18 months now. My significant other is still on applephone 3G whereas I am using 4 now. iPhone 4 is much more accurate and picks the signal up better. However it does require reboot every now and again (see last miles of this run -


The trouble with smartphones is that do rely on AGPS (assisted GPS) whenever possible. Hence they are "so quick" to locate themselves on the map or for mobile applications. When you compare them with actual GPS that take up to 2 minutes for even warm start (depending on the model and weather conditions) you realise their location signal is not retrieved from the satellites.


I have been looking at Garmin 210. It struck me as particularly good idea again last night when running in the rain ;-). iPhone 4 is roughly £450, watch £160. Hmmm!

Taavi, are you saying the iPhone 4 can be accurate about your current speed? Do you see the iPhone 3g and 3gs to be comparable on their GPS accuracy?
Well... put it this way - applephone version 4 is way more accurate than 3. I don't know about 3gs - never owned one. In my experience 4 picks up signal quicker and is more accurate than 3. Saying that, I have started to reboot mine (iphone 4, then). If I am not mistaken 3gs was just a 3g with some additional functions - gyroscope / compass? - added to it. iPhone 4 has also faster processor, so that might help as well.

I am still thinking of Garmin 210 and ipod nano combination (got latter as a gift), but now heard of concept called WIMM and might hold back :-)

Best thing to do - if you can, borrow iPhone 4 from a friend, install RK, put it to your armband and give it a try. On a cloudy day. And run through wood. If the signal is accurate - go for it. But bear in mind that these phones do rely heavily on AGPS (assisted by cellular towers) rather than GPS satellite signal.
Hi all, am new to the site and have been using the Garmin 405 cx for 14 months. It is a fantastic watch although a little pricey, arount $500 Australain. I find the Garmin software easy to use and i'm also using Runner's Studio for a few extra features.


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