I read the "Cool Impossible" over Christmas and have gradually been changing my training schedule to incorporate the strength exercises.  I made my own slant and wobble boards etc and they are working quite well for me.  I also decided to go all out and purchase low profile shoes and decided on New Balance Vibrams.  Rather than swap and change between my old Asics and the new Vibrams I decided to run all my km's in the now profile.  Admittedly I'm only running about 15km per week at this stage.  I'm feeling a little calf soreness after each run but seem to recover quite quickly.  Is this transitioning approach OK?  My 15 year old also wants to start running and I was in two minds about how to approach this.  Ie. show her my old form or teach her Eric's form.  She is a little heavy for her age and has not been a runner.  She has also been doing the fit ball exercises with me (or at least trying).  Thoughts and suggestions to both of these questions would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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Only me and I am definitely no expert... Not knowing your daughters fitness but assuming that it may not be high, might be good to start with some really strong walking first and getting her basic fitness up before beginning on the running (I've also found some basic fitness helps keep the injuries away when starting out) I'd also be thinking that if you are only just transitioning to Eric's style it may be easier to get a good grasp on it yourself first before teaching your daughter, perhaps this may play out well in time with her increasing her fitness (if she needed too). Again please realise I am most definitely not a running expert in any way! Probably the most important thing would be keeping her motivation and enthusiasm up :) good luck and have fun sharing time with your daughter, my nearly three year old asked if she could come for a run with me the other day....


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