Hi....I had ITB surgery last year and have just completed 5 months of rehab and started running again.  I have had a problem with patella femoral syndrome during the rehab stage but this seems to be settling down now.


I have started running on a treadmill so I can keep it slow (and limit my desire to sprint) and concentrate on form and technique.  After being injured and unable to run for over 12mths I feel I am "starting from scratch" in a lot of ways and have an opportunity to undo all my mistakes that led me to be so badly injured in the first place.


Does anyone have any advice for how to start out again and avoid the ITB injury reoccuring again?  I have just finished reading "Born To Run" and have to say this has inspired me and also shown me that I can get back to events and that my running days are not over by a long shot!


Cheers....Jen, Melbourne, Australia

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Jen - good luck with your rehab.  My entire Strength Training dvd system should be out in about a month and will be perfect for you.  Really focus on your foot strength, as this will help stabilize your knee, therefore, not over loading your quads/IT band.


Keep up posted on how you are doing - E

Hi Eric - when you mention foot strength do you mean something along the lines of the fit ball exercise you show in one of the video's?  I have not been focusing on my feet, more glute, calf, core, quads and balance - I have been doing the running exercise on the bosu which I find challenging but strangely really enjoy as I have really progressed with it. 


Is your DVD able to be purchased through the site?  We are on PAL here in Australia so I am not sure if it will play??



hi jen,


i would have thought the rehab people would have been able to address further rehab, but perhaps that isn't the case.  for me, i have found that my gym trainer who also is a runner has had me doing a lot of walking lunges (which can also be done in place, lunging forward so your knee doesn't go past your foot in the front, and your back leg almost touches the ground).  i also do a lot of step ups, usually one leg ups onto a weight bench, or you can even just do them onto a stair at home.  i do a lot of one leg balancing on a bosu (eric has a video with someone he is training doing what seems to me like an advanced bosu one legged up, with the bosu  upside down (depending on how you look at a bosu).  another thing i have done is just balancing on one leg on a square of foam (at the gym they have these blue foam pieces).  this can also be done on a pillow.  balancing helps strengthen the muscles around the ankle and knee that help stabilize both areas.  if you have access to an elliptical trainer, i would opt to use that until you get your ankle and knee areas strong again.  if there is any incorrectness in your stride or form that had originally caused your itband problem, you will probably revert back to that way of running, without a knowledgeable coach or trainer.  eric aslo has some really nice stability ball exercises on video right here on his sight.  they would also be good.  working on core strenghening exercises like planks, bicycles, and dead bug-type exercises are good as well.


maybe others here can chime in as well on ideas.  you can also use a foam roller to roll out your itband often...i can't imagine how an injury there might hurt...




Hi John & Eric,


Many thanks for your reply.  I probably wasn't very clear but I have been doing extensive rehab in the gym that includes everything you've mentioned, including the foam roller which isn't much fun!  I have found that the patella tendonitis is actually more of an issue than the itb but it doesn't flair up as much as it used to.


You are right about incorrect running technique coming back to haunt me and cause further injury, this is really my concern.  I have done extensive research on technique and am running very slowly trying to concentrate on more or a front /  mid foot strike, keeping my body upright, engaging the core, shortening my stride (I know I used to over stride) etc.  Any other suggestions? I am really starting again and focusing on getting things right slowly.





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