TLDR: Where on the forefoot do you land?  Is it like proper walking where you want your weight to start on the outside and roll to the inside when you toe off?

Hi folks, I'm new but it's great to be here in this community.  I've been having some hip/glute issues while running slow and so far Coach Eric's content has been an absolute mind blowing game changer for me!

A lil background... I grew up playing football and running track as a sprinter.  I never had any injuries associated with running while doing so full blast (just the regular ankle sprains when cutting and getting hit by guys 2x my size of me!).  However, I always had issues when going for the cardio work and jogging for anything more than an hour or so.  Fast forward to my later years (I'm now in my 40's) post football, I got into trail running and OCR's (and hope to do some triathlons in the future).  I tried to learn 'better' form, and being a crossfit guy at the time they tend to go for Pose method.  Now I don't know if I just didn't learn it correctly, or if Pose is just crap, but I've never had more issues with my hips and legs... patellar tendonitis, IT band issues and the current ever-lasting glute medius issues and TFL tightness.

Over the last 3-4years I've taken a bit of a step back from working out and running much... covid obviously was a good reason for that too.  But as we get back into it, and the motivation has come back, I had been feeling pretty good health-wise... until I started running slowly again!  I really took a solid few months of just working on easing into things and strengthening these glute stabilizers, worked on my arches and patellar tendon etc before starting any running.  Since I was feeling good I figured most of it was just over doing things trying to do crossfit and all my running at the same time.  But alas, here's this glute med soreness still bugging me.  

That's when I found Eric content... holy crap have I been running wrong this whole time!  And I mean this WHOLE TIME!  As soon as I discovered this absolute revelation, I stopped, and have been working on drills only and just drinking in Coach Eric's kool-aid!  I've also been going to a Chiro to get this injury fixed up.  It's only been the last week where I've tried a few short low HR runs really focusing on putting it all together and maintaining form throughout... rebuilding the base so to speak.

But... I've still been feeling the tightness in the TFL and hip.  However I think I've figured it out and wanted to know if I've got it right!

So what I think has been happening is ... one of Eric's drills that works the feet and arches, he mentions how important it is to get good strength in that big toe and how important it is for stability and activating the arch.  So in my running, I've been conscious of landing on the forefoot at the big toe in order to get it working asap.  But what I've just realized is that being on the inside of the foot at impact is making my foot and knee collapse to the inside... which I know for a fact is BAD!  From one of my previous ankle injuries I suddenly recalled how my physio therapist told me to walk: heel, along outside pad of the foot to the outer toes and roll into big toe.  So I did a few run drills with forefoot strike, but having that initial contact be to the outer portion of the forefoot (the pad of the outside 2-3 toes) and allow the weight to move from outside to inside.  It seemed like it relieved a bit of the tension... 

So I gave it a shot on my first trail run in over a month... and it felt great!  Still some soreness etc from the injury that still lingering, but I'll continue with the Chiro and continue taking it easy... but I really feel like I've hit the last piece of my puzzle, the puzzle of all my issues and injuries that have been holding me back for years!

But since there's no actual info that I've found so far in Coach Eric's material (watch it be in the book I just ordered and will be reading this week) I thought I'd come here and ask all you experts who have been training this form for years.

Thanks for your feedback,


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