Hello everyone, 

I have read TCI and have been running with a forefoot strike since April 1st. I went through all the strength training and run form drills for six weeks before i ever went out for a run in my new born2run shoes. I even gave myself six weeks of preparation before i jumped into the 5 month running foundation.  Everything was going great until week 2 of the run foundation and i started to get some pretty bad pain on the top of both of my feet, right on my fourth and fifth metatarsal bones. The pain does slightly decrease the longer i run, but an hour or so later, or when i get out of bed in the morning it hurts pretty bad. i havent missed a run yet but i ice my feet 1-2 times a day. I have never had pain like this before and while i am not new to running I am new to the forefoot strike. i wanted to get away from a heel strike because it was causing me lower back pain, so I feel a forefoot strike is the only way to go for me and i am not turning back now. So Eric if you read this or anyone else out there that can give me any advice on what I may be doing wrong i would greatly appreciate it. 

thanks, Luke B. 

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