Tomorrows TCI workout calls for 3–4 × 2' hill repeats.  Living in Florida, the closest hill is about an hour drive from here.  Should I just try to run on flat land and provide extra focus on knee drive?

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Treadmills suck, but they are good for hill work, especially if you don't have any hills around.

Hmmm... I don't have access to a dreadmill (without buying a gym membership or something).  It's definitely something to keep in mind though.  I have a friend who will only run on a treadmill during Florida summers.

I would go with treadmill or stairs. You can't mimic on flat.

Not a lot of stairs around here either.  The stands at a football field would probably work, but I think they are behind a locked  gate.

Do live a reasonable distance from a beach because soft sand gives you great resistance.

45 minutes to the nearest beach.  I wonder if the intent of having hill repeats in the workout is to have the extra resistance from a hill, or to focus on the change in form from running hills.

I think my best bet might be the pedestrian bridge near our city's Home Depot that goes over a 6-lane road.  I usually run at around 11 PM; I'm not sure how much my wife would appreciate me driving across town to go running up and down a pedestrian bridge though. :-)

I was still struggling with this over 4 years later.  I just ordered a NordicTrack Incline Trainer: it goes up to 40% grade.  (Unfortunately it's still a treadmill i.e. not a real hill.)


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