OK Team, lets' do this!
So we are able to have a running tally of miles, simply add your daily miles to the total miles of the LAST Forum entry and then enter this total into YOUR entry. For example, if the last entry was 346 miles and you ran 4 miles, enter 350. Round your daily miles to the nearest mile so we can keep it clean and simple, so it is easy to follow. And, so I do not have to do any math.

PLEASE REREAD THESE INSTRUCTIONS SO YOU ARE CLEAR ON HOW TO ENTIRE MILES. Whenever you are entering miles, you are entire the TEAM TOTAL, not your daily miles.


Once you have entered the total miles, if you care to leave a SHORT message to Dustin, please do so. I think he would really enjoy reading a quick post about what you thought about on YOUR run and how his journey might have inspired your run for the day.

Thanks for participating - E

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5 miles - Dustin, thru endurance, we conquer. Show us the Mojo - E
11 miles. Nice hilly trail and ocean breezes. Fair winds Dustin!
8 miles yesterday, about 4 bushwacking on very faint game trails, but lots of fun. Have fun Dustin.
3 miles, slow but with a smile on my face. Be safe, Dustin. You've inspired me.
28 -- I didn't run this far (I ran 6) -- this is just the total miles up to this point (I'm assuming Brad ran 6? hence the total of 11? -- Brad if I'm wrong please reply back and add another 5 -- my bad) I think Eric just wanted us to enter the total miles with our miles included in that total. Dustin, you can do this!
39 miles total - I ran 11 miles this morning in some pretty hot humid LA conditions, but it was a great run (as they almost all are - isn't it great to be alive and able to run?!). Best of luck Dustin.
42 miles total - Just spoke with Dustin. He will be on is way, looking to get in his first 20 miles.
46 miles -added 4 on a rolling trail course in the Oregon Coast Range.
50 miles-after dinner neighborhood impending storm run-so inspired by Dustin.
54 miles-- 4 around the neighboring farms, ranches and... stray chickens (long story).
59 miles
62 miles


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