Any advice out there how to avoid injuries on down hill runs. Have been doing some trails runs & noticed some hamstring soreness which I expect from the eccentric loading but also niggles in patella tendon which results in having to test before running again. Any training tips for down hill runs & any good tendon loading exercises. Thanks

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I binged a bunch of Eric's youtube vids and there was some downhill running technique advice in them sporadically.  Basically what I picked up was on shallow down slopes, you're trying to maintain the same form (landing forefoot, activating glutes for stability and using glutes to provide forward force.  On steeper down slopes, rather than digging in the toes and breaking (and putting that huge stress on the knee), add in some lateral movements (I equated it to doing monster walks or the lateral ice skating jump drill motion) to help keep your feet landing in line with your center of gravity.  

Hope that helps a bit.

Thanks Jason. I think adding in some lateral direction makes sense rather than going in a straight line. Knee has settled quickly but want to avoid it faltering up again. Cheers

Also thought of something else for you to take a look at... you mentioned tendon loading exercises...

I've been looking at the Kneeovertoesguy YT channel.  He is all about exercising the knee and more.  He's a basketball guy who's MO surrounds jumping vertically and the stresses that puts on all the joints tendons and ligaments of the lower body.  And as Coach E says, running is also jumping!  I felt The KOTG was on to something and have added in some of his exercises to supplement Coach E's and get a lil more work on the knees and ankles (I need to be ready for some higher impact full sprint and agility movements by September).  Here's a short vid of his to start and you can go down the rabbit hole of his page if you want on your own! lol



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