Please take a look at a small video of me running barefoot with commentary from a tri coach friend of mine. I am really unsure about my technique and would really appreciate any advise or comments. The file is under my profile in the video section



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Hey Kevin,
Believe it or not, I think you are still running a bit on your heels or flat footed. It is not bad, but this is slowing your cadence a bit. I also do not coach runners to lift the leg, or as your coach describes "flicking" the leg back. I coach runners to drive the knee forward, not up. To get this sensation, focus on what your leg and knee naturally does when you run down hill. As for the leg flick back, again, this only slows your cadence and is waisted energy and you lose stability in your hips/gluts, which is most likely why your knees go in and your feet out as you run. As soon as your foot strikes the ground, you want to drive the knee forward quickly, like running on hot coals.
When you are running, think about squeezing a penny between your butt. This will give you stability and activate the gluts, which will help with your knees and wide foot form. Stretching your quads and groan with also make a huge difference, as right now you are over taxing your quad and hip flexors...which I am sure feel tight.

See the fit ball lunge in the video section. This exercise will do wonders for you. Hope this helps - E


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