Hi Eric,

I'm coming off of a soleus muscle tear, it's been three months. I was running 25-35 miles a week prior to injury. I am now running like 6 miles a week (2 mile stints). I feel strong and really want to get back to my 7-8 mile runs and my nature is to just go out and run 7 miles but I have this HUGE fear that I'm going to re-injure myself.

Is there some kind of "rule" to follow in ramping back up your mileage?

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I am nooo expert on injuries, but I would think if you are feeling good on 2 mile stints, just gradually increase distance like every other or every 3rd run, run a little longer and see how you feel on the next day's 2 miler run. A lot of times I don't know if i've overdone it until the next day or until I try an easier run again. If i run a longer run and still feel good on the next easy run I know I haven't overdone it. I don't know if that makes any sense or is helpful! ;-)

well that sounds good to me! thanks for the advice.

FYI as for the San Juan Summer Solstice..you have to have a trail ultra under your belt in order to even register :( ugh...

Hi Barbara,

I was running in Winter with five-toes and good snow. I get the impression the temperature is definitly a parameter as well. I am experiencing pressure and light pain sensation within the Achilles area (but inside the foot and towards the toes, so not at the end where achilles is). I got this after 2,5 hour run in the snowy alps, and I think temperature triggered that besides probably other causes.

Question: Could you send me picture of a foot (maybe even yours if you dont have an illustration handy) to give me the idea where your pain is located? I am no physician, but would like to learn and maybe I can ask my local physio heroes for their specific solution.

Nevertheless, did you check on how your feet are moving during your run? Did you do a video analysis, maybe to see if you have inballances of movement and therefore overdoing stress on some parts of your feet?

Btw. I saw your the photos of your last competition and have to say, you are looking like a good "fighter" person! Must have been a blast to do the run, hmm?

All the best from snowy Bavaria, and good healing!



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