The above link is an article discussing high carb V high fat diets and their relative merits. I found it interesting and thought some of you might too.

Enjoy your running this weekend!

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Typo in the link if you try to click on it... :-)


Thanks, very interesting.

I did a high fat, low carb diet for 6 months after developing a dust allergy, it was very effective at getting rid of the symptoms. I never felt full of energy though and always felt like I was one dodgy meal away from the allergy. I switched to a raw plant based high carb, low fat diet after reading some stories about it, never had any sign of the allergy since and that's when I fell in love with running, just had so much energy I had to keep getting out there.

Really like the idea of combining both, must look into it further, thanks.

I too have switched to a plant-based HCLF diet and feel better than ever.  I always felt tired when I tried a low carb high diet diet.


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