About 2 weeks ago I got the "rock in the ball of my foot" feeling - capsulitis.  Everything I've read has basically been

  • Take time off
  • Stretch calves and feet(a lot)
  • Improve foot strength
  • Continue weight loss to reduce pressure on joints (down 80lbs, another 80 to go)

To address the foot strength I ordered the balance board and wobble disc bundle today and will be following the training plans from TCI.

Currently when I stand on one foot I experience minor to moderate foot pain.  It's not unbearable but very uncomfortable (let's say 3 or 4/10).

My question is whether I should be doing strength exercises while there is still pain.  My gut feeling is to get started, conservatively, and as long as it doesn't get worse to continue.  But I've seen posts on this, and other, forums advising that the strength routine should not be performed if there is pain.

When I brought it up with my doctor she went off on a rant about how she used to run but IT band pain was too bad so she gave it up and advised I do the same.  I will not be following that advice.



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Hey Robert - thanks for the post and glad to hear you are ignoring that last bit of Doctor advice - unbelievable and uninformed!!

Anyway, you might want to try giving your foot a few more days of rest before starting the slant board.  I say this because the slant board has a specially designed wobble piece down thru the center of the board to add difficulty and challenge. This center wobble piece will be positioned directly under that specific area of your foot and "could" aggravate it more.

Having inflammation in the toes can be fickle and take a bit more time to settle down compared to other areas of the body.  So, just take this into considerate and if you experience some aggregation initially, maybe just be patient a few more days.

Keep me posted and let me know what happens after a first, conservative try at it.


Thanks for the suggestion.

I gave it a quick try last night - 15 seconds in each of the uphill, downhill, and forward positions with two poles.  Since I had no pain I did another set for 30 seconds each position.

I had no additional discomfort during the exercise and this morning things still felt good.

Since the trial went good I did 90 seconds in each position today followed by some moderate rowing.  Again no new pain.

Plenty of awareness that I was working, though.  This routine is no joke!

I'll probably not do the balance board tomorrow and just have a straight rest day - but based on the trial runs I am very optimistic.

Robert I couldn't agree more, I too was told to, no it was demanded I give up running by the medicos & I listened. It took many years to start again & with the help of Eric's philosophies, I'm injury & pain free. Sometimes the medical profession prescribe what is the easiest, the path of least resistance not what is in the individuals best interest. This happens, as Eric says, through being uninformed or misinformed. Keep us posted on your progress.

Thanks for the encouragement and sharing your story - I appreciate it.  I am hopeful that after a few weeks I will have some good progress to report.


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