I too have experienced calf soreness - now into my 2nd month of transitioning to barefoot (actually Vibrams) and still very sore after each run.  I wonder if I am too far forward somehow or need it to be more of a mid-foot strike. 


Also, for those of us with calf soreness issues, any training tips to get to the next level so that we're not recovering all the time (I need at least 2 days between runs right now).





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Hey there Clay -

  • be sure that your heel is hitting the ground once you fore foot strike
  • try running less, more often
  • do some easy hill repeats or run a rolling course
  • be sure your cadence is quick, with a good knee drive and stance leg (see tech video)
  • you may be leaning too far forward, do some running with your hands behind your head

My 3 DVD strength series will be out within the month, promise.  This will attack foot strength in a big way and aimed to help with all of this.  Stay tuned.



Eric - thanks so much for the tips!  Definitely excited for the videos when they come out.


Love your website - it's a fabulous resource.  I'm going to point all the runners at my company to it!


Thanks again,



Great timing on this question.  I've FINALLY started running short distances in my VFFs and also get some calf soreness.  Some is to be expected, but I find myself not touching my heels to the ground as Eric suggests, so am probably straining my calves far more than necessary.  Time to tweak my form some more!


hey Alec - The heel strike should be relative to your speed and since you are just starting with the VFF, this should be a slow speed - hence, a good heel strike after your forefoot.  BUT - this all takes time and not only are you changing your foot strike/form, but you are also going to a zero drop from heel to toe which will add to the soreness.

Watch my video and be sure you are working on that stance leg activation/stabilization, which quick cadence.



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