I just started running (Thanks, Chris McDougall!), but I have fairly strong feet thanks to years of dancing barefoot on demi-pointe (on the ball of the foot with the heel off the ground). For protection (and for fun, since they get a lot of attention) I've been running in Five Fingers, but I get blisters on the pads of my big toes almost every time I run. They don't break and go away in a day or so if I don't aggravate them. Is this a form, shoe, or tender skin issue? Any suggestions as to what I can do about it would be appreciated.

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Hi Shawna - It is mostly a shoe issue and allowing time to condition your skin. I use injinji socks when I run in the 5fingers and have no trouble with blisters. Try them out and see if that takes care of the problem - E
Hi Eric-The socks did the trick. Thanks.


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