I was looking at these pictures (http://www.runningwitheric.com/forum/topics/br2-level-1-board-foot-...) from a previous post.  When I set me foot up like that my toes go over the edge.Do I need a long board (is that even an option)?  Should I move my foot back so that the toes  are on the board?  Any help that you could give me would be great appreciated.



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I think you are good.  You might want to move the foot back just a little so that second toe is not hanging off.  As long as you are able to toggle the wobble part of the board back and forth, and not always be "stuck" on one edge you are fine.  And, with a lot of these exercises, you can place your foot at any angle to create for different challenges for the foot.

So many foot shapes between this post and the other one.  My contribution to the gallery: 


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