Sooo, today I was descending a long and very rocky trail flanked by tons of cactus. I got to wondering, "If u trip and fallLori, would you rather land on the rocks, which will surely leave a good gash, or the cactus that will require at least an hour of painful prickle pulling?" I pondered this I started in with each footstep, "rock?, cactus? , rock?, cactus?, rock?, cactus?" ...ahem...for 3 full miles. No OCD here folks! I guess it's better than getting a bad song stuck in my head? I did decide I would rather land on a rock. I then thought, "I wonder how many times I said "rock/cactus?"....oh dear Gawd, get this woman some help....or at least gel or electolytes or something! So which would you choos? Rock or Cactus?

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LOL You need a doctor for sure haha...............

Cactus a softer landing well apart from the needles !!! I think we are all a bit crazy I find myself repeating "knee drive.. knee drive" or "small rock small rock" to concentrate on my form.  What ever is in our heads its better being out running than doing nothing. I run through the fields in winter at night I often think if I fall break something I'm a goner , theres also a river that on occasion in the wet I've came close to going into.

LOL! You are *so* not the only nut out there! I'm *constantly* saying little things to myself, on long runs, short runs, fast runs, slow runs. Keeps me sane. Part of the "me time" joy of running. I can say all kinds of crazy stuff, to myself or out loud, with no negative consequences. I call that a form of heaven.

Rock or cactus? Both! Better story.


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