Last hard run before heading off for three days of running in the Grand Canyon next week.  Headed to my 'hill of truth' across the street from home for two hill repeats up Adams Ridge.

The plan: 2 X 800 meter hill repeats to the top with an easy run back down as my rest interval.

Doesn't sound bad?  800 meters with 940 feet elevation gain.  For perspective, these 800 meters usually take about 12:30 min to complete!

Who thinks I can run them both without needed to stop?

Stay tuned....


Done!  Made it - two repeats without stopping.  The first one was actually harder than the second, as is quiet often the case with intervals.

Here is the crux, wth about 2 min to go to the top.

I always like to leave with some tips when posting about myself and my training, so it is actually useful for you.  So why 2 X 13:00 hard efforts a week before I head to the Grand Canyon.  These intervals are hard.  I was at my limit or zone 7+ heart rate most of the time.  Anaerobic efforts are very potent and why Phase 2 of The Cool Impossible program focuses on tis type of development.  Anaerobic efforts help the body to pump oxygen more efficiently, helping slower, longer efforts feel much easier.  And as I have been tapering my volume to get the recovery needed to peak my fitness, efforts like this are very important for me to maintain my form and not get stale during the reduction in volume.

I am planning three days of running in the Grand Canyon next week with the first two days of 30 miles each and the last day somewhat up in the air of 10-15 miles.  All days will include a climb up out of the canyon to the rim.  So, having trained my endurance with a lot of long climbing efforts, I used efforts like today in the last 6-8 weeks to help build power and to make the canyon climbs feel just a bit easier.

So, if you have put in a good summer of training and looking to top off your form and fitness, try incorporate high level hill repeats once a week to your program.  These are potent and remain effective for about 6-8 weeks.


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it wouldn't be pretty, but yeah that sounds like my (new) home! ;)

No bets there, but sure looks fun!


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