I confess to being an over-eager beginner, and I've probably been trying too much too fast. I'm feeling some discomfort in my achilles tendon. What is the best way to prevent an all-out injury?

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Hi Shawna - Yup, your body will always let you know what is too much, too soon. This is why I have my athletes use heart rate monitors and why the training packages follow this approach, so runners are always working appropriately and within their own ability. So, this IS the best way to prevent injury, while you are building your strength and time spent running. And, a best practice is to do less, more often - opposed to more, less often.

Listen to your body - E
Thanks Eric. The heart rate monitor is on its way. I still haven't figured out where I can buy some extra patience.
Keep the patience AND your humor and you will do great!!
Massage those calves as well and work out any really tender areas or knots you find. Do it a couple times a day and see how your achilles respond.


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