Hi I was wondering if you could clarify something for me. You say under carbohydrates it should say zero sugar. What about all natural organic almond butter, the ingredients state 'organic raw almonds' but under total carbohydrates there are 2 grams of sugar.  Is that added sugar or the natural sugar of the almonds? How do you rate it?  Thanks

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Almond butter, if only ingredient is almonds it has no added sugar. However, all fruits, vegetables, nuts have carbohydrates in varying amounts so you may see this as "sugar" on the package. What you have to watch for is added sugar, often frozen vegetables, fruits have added sugar to make them taste sweeter. I think the overall goal is to get rid of any added sweeteners, and sugars.

I agree that the advice for the sugar detox saying "under carbohydrates, there should be a line for sugar.  You want that to be zero."  Is a little confusing.  Even the carrots and certainly the fruit Eric is recommending would have grams of sugar on this line on the label.  (Use Google to get the label for foods that ordinarily do not have one - apples, carrots, and so forth.  )

I am going to proceed with the sugar detox but eliminating added sugars, rather than eliminating any food with sugar whatsoever, which I think would result in an extreme protein and fat diet.  I have just finished reading the book and I just don't think super low carb diets are what Eric really means to advocate.

Eric if you are reading this thanks for publishing the Cool Impossible.  I just finished it and am now going back over it and getting ready to start.

It sounds like there is no added sugar, so you are ok here. All fruits, vegetables and nuts have some carbohydrates, this is why if you see carbs and sugar in the nutritional values, check the ingredients....sounds like there is no "sugar" added. Here the goal is to avoid any "sugars"....everything ending in "ose" in the ingredients. The goal is to eat whole natural foods. So sugars would be dextrose, sucrose, maltose...etc in the ingredients.

Just read Carl's response....think he pretty well hit the nail on the head! 


Thank you for your comments.

So we have to check if there is "no added sugar" in the product we eat. But I don't get why we could not eat pasta?

For example; I have a packet of pasta here. I read the list of ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water. And when I go checking nutritional values, I see "carbohydrate 71,2g" and "of which sugars" 3,5g (all given on 100g total). So is it ok or ? Same for brown rice.

Thanks for your answer, and sorry if I made you repeat..

Great question. First off you can eat whatever you like. My suggest with the 20 day no sugar detox is to eliminate all sugar, therefore in your example, pasta has sugar.  The point being is to raise awareness to how much hidden sugar we eat and to make the 20 days cold turkey, with no option. If you let in 3.5 grams in pasta, it is easy to let in another "little bit"...if that makes sense.

Secondly, pasta is very high in carbs and processed, therefore, I would suggest eliminating form your diet, per the additional challenge in the book of no processed foods.

Again, it is just a challenge for people to see the big changes that take place by doing the extreme and then find a balance within your individual lifestyle long term.

Hope this helps.


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