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That's great news! Keep up the good work, lady!! Holler on here for other pointers and tips if you ever need them...I have tons of resources! :)

On a slightly different note: I've been sugar free (except special occasions) since the initial suggestion in Aug 2010, but I've hesitated to move my kids (11 and 8) too far in that direction. I just assumed I'd get a lot of hassle from them about it. But it bothered me, so since Christmas I've scaled back on what is available to them. Now we've had a whole week sugar free and not a complaint from either of them. We discussed why as a family we're heading that way and they seemed into it. I reassured them we'll still have treats, but that our goal is enjoy foods in their natural state as much as possible. To be fair, they've never had a lot of sugar or processed food, so the switch wasn't too arduous. But what I wanted to communicate was how open they were to the logic of healthy eating and the joys of keeping treats really special.

awesome stuff!! keep it up, and I bet they ask for healthy treats & snacks instead of 'sugary' stuff :)

Hey, just checked this forum out. Even as a nurse practitioner and seeing multitudes of diabetic patients.... and having been diagnosed with diabetes 3 years ago now, even I..MOI didn't realize the impact of sugar (and dairy) on our health. As a practitioner my beliefs and my instruction to my patients were chisled by mainstream media, drug companies, the FDA and other powerful organizations. I started doing my own research, and WOW was i in for a shock (really shouldn't have been too shocking), they lied! We went on our sugar free/dairy free...almost ;) diet about a year after our daughter was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at 18months. Medications weren't helping and I was terrified we were going to be looking at starting the big guns--immune suppressant therapy. How was i going to rationalize giving my 18month old medications that could later cause cancer, infertility, increased infections and in general just hurt her? This was about the time I was diagnosed with diabetes and I had picked up my running regimen a bit. My diet was "better" as I consoled myself that "some sugar" was ok, and that all I needed to do was really avoid sweets, potatoes and white much as possible. My weight was upper end normal for my size, so I didn't feel I needed to alter things much. Time went on and another runner friend got me interested in training for a 50mi and eventually a 100mi ultra. That's when I signed up with Eric. My daughter Avery did ok, but then had several significant flares. I started reading about anything that might help her besides the heavy hitter drugs. That's when my eyes were opened to all the lies our media and government agencies have been feeding us. Why do you think with all the "guidelines" and "recommendations" we have we are still the fattest, unhealthiest nation around? We stumbled upon a nutritionist that I thought might be able to help. She is from England and has a very proper manner about her. I was reading all this stuff and needed a filter to figure out where to go. We completely stopped dairy for Avery and she put us on a sugar free diet very similar to the paleo diet. By the way, my husband showed up to the nutritionist apt with a sack of donut holes and 20oz of milk in hand! I wanted to crawl under the chair. The nutritionist looked like he had just brought in a dead skunk. He just looked at her and said, "what? I'm hungry". We had a ways to go, but we immediately changed our diet. It has been a year. Todd dropped 40 lbs, his arthritis has settled down. Avery is on no arthritis medications and has almost no arthritis pain (except when someone accidentally gives her a dairy product). I've dropped 15 or so pounds and my body has turned into an athlete's! I look in the mirror and wonder who that runner girl is looking back at me. I have more energy than I have ever had, sleep great and am a much nicer person! My body hates me when I cheat significantly--more than a small amt of bread or carbs and I feel draggy, tired, bloated, achy. I could go on and on and on about how important getting rid of sugar is but 'nuff said. This 39 year old mother of 3 athlete is headed to Leadville in August!

we need more people like you in the medical industry!! keep up the good work :)

and I'll be rooting for you - a mother who cares for a child with a chronic illness, works, and manages to train for ultras is a true inspiration.

That´s a really inspirational story. I have the problem with my kids that they´re eating too much sugar at the moment and I know I have to get them off it in general. Thanks for sharing it, you´ve really made my day!


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