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Hey, Eric. Great idea. Usually, I'm not into quick-fixes and short-term changes, but this 20-day effort is consistent with I happen to be doing anyway and hopefully will give me the extra motivation I need. Couple of quick technical questions: Does the 20 days start when you accept the invitation (always something to be said for starting now, but also for doing it together as a cohort)? Also -- I guess everyone can make this decision for themselves, but... -- what are your thoughts about how artificial sweeteners fit into this?
Hey Bob - Yes, I like to use the cold turkey way so people can get a sense for how powerful this can be and then find a good reasonable balance for an everyday lifestyle.
You can accept the invitation or just go at it by yourself - but by accepting, it will show others the participation level. You can decide. I like the "team" feel of participation.
As for artificial sugar - my sense is that you should try to get away from the "need" for making things sweet. In my opinion, this is an addiction that can be broken - therefore, the need for sweeteners deminishes.
BUT - the bigger issue is not somuch the white sugar or typical sweets, but the sugar in foods that we might not be aware of. For example cereal or pasta sauces or juices....check the label and look at the sugar content listed under Carbohydrates.
Thanks for playing and pas it on - E
This is going to be intense, but I'm totally excited. I was wanting to do something like this in August but it was shaping up that I wasn't going to get out and make it happen. SO glad you launched this (and that I saw it before breakfast today)! Really looking forward to it.
Great - Share your struggles and experience. It WILL be hard - just do the best you can.
Hi Eric, this 20 day sugar purge intrigues me.

Could you provide the group with a rationale for how this will make us better runners, as well as what the expected benefits of doing this will be? I think it would increase participation if we had a better understanding of why this would be of value.
Okay, I am going to give this a try. Already had some sugar in my coffee and breakfast, but will go the rest of the day and beyond without. Good luck everyone!!!!
Awesome Eric
My Daughter and I starting discussing some sort of cleansing and this just kick started it.
Yeah, the team aspect makes it much easier to accomplish this... thanks for the great idea!
bread is one of the hardest thing to find with no added sugar. i've finally settled on a cracked wheat available at Whole Foods.

Eric, how do you feel about ethanol>? (consumption of alcohol - a beer a night sort of thing)

Great lecture on sugar:
hey Mark - great point on bread. I just go without. As for ethanol - this is gonna be hard no matter what and it is always your choice. The focus should be on the "trying and the doing" - it is always your choice and make it a choice, not a "have too".
Good stuff - thanks.
OK, I am going to try because this is something I need to do but I love Chocolate and Sugar treat so...yikes!


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