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Comment by Eric Orton on September 8, 2020 at 12:27pm

Hi Cindy - Great question.  Anytime we are sued to doing one thing for a long time and change that, there is some inefficiency that comes with that. So yes, you might be working harder right now because it is a change to your body, but thru time, this should improve.

And as you improve, you will also be able to relax more while running - which is also a keep factor with fatigue.

So one point, just make sure you are allowing your heel to hit the ground and not keeping it elevated off the ground. This will help you be able to relax a little.

Keep at it!

Comment by Ginette Sear on September 7, 2020 at 5:44am

These are invaluable points! I've run on and off for years, but in December 2019 accepted a 100km challenge. I ran a10k the next day and the next with no issues...a few days later I got up on a Sunday morning and without eating or drinking ran 14 miles, no issues with soreness etc. I found myself training plans, but stretched myself WAY too far and ended up feeling disillusioned with myself...eventually talking myself into believing that at age 54 I was a crappy runner! So, I backed off and scrapped the plans, focused on other types of training, then came back to running with a new mindset...just enjoy it. Don't stress about times and pacing and it's worked. I have been invited to run one of the first 'real' (as opposed to virtual) races here in the UK. It's a 50km challenge and I'm just heading out of the door and enjoying myself, no pressure in my training. I ran 49.79km last week, with another long run on Saturday and feel good. Sometimes we give ourselves too much mental pressure to achieve and it sucks the fun right out of running, especially if you have a few sub optimal runs - you over analyse and give yourself a negative mindset ...which is exactly what you DON'T want ;-)

Comment by Cindy Scott on September 6, 2020 at 1:30pm

Hi Eric, 

Good to see you back. Hey I have a question, I have been running now, forefoot running as you have been training us to implement. Love it , easier on the bod. Would it be correct to assume that this more plyometric running is 'harder' ie, more of an energy gobbler verses the old plodding along with rear foot strike? I seem to feel more fatigued running lately as a forefoot to mid foot striker  and or am I doing something wrong? 

Looks really nice there Eric, we have hornets here in Calgary, mountains to the north of you. Had to buy taller socks!! 

Thanks for everything!


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