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At 7:30am on August 27, 2020, Matt McGregor said…

Thank you!

At 11:31pm on January 29, 2019, Claire Shaw said…

Thank you so much for letting me join you!

Joss Naylor is a real inspiration. Still extremely active at 82 years old. Last year he did a 30 mile challenge with 6000ft of climbing in the Lake District. He's always out and about supporting fell runners of all abilities taking on their own challenges. 

At 7:34pm on October 26, 2017, Jacob Cossairt said…

Added some photos from the trail that show what I saw on race day (although the photos weren't taken race day).

At 6:46pm on October 26, 2017, Jacob Cossairt said…

Thanks!  There haven't been any official race photos posted yet (and I didn't take any), but I'll see if I can find some from other runners on Strava to add to the blog post.

At 4:57pm on October 17, 2017, Michael Baczkowski said…
I'll give it a whirl, tty tomorrow.
At 8:45pm on January 6, 2016, Tammy Huguet said…

Thank you! I am in the final chapters of the book...I am learning so much and am loving it! Time to finish up with "Eating Well"!

Always my big challenge with the endurance racing...looking forward to learning how to tap into more efficient use of fat burning!

At 10:22am on October 23, 2015, Dave Riter said…
Just started reading your book and can't wait to begin training!
At 1:15am on January 23, 2015, Nick Atkinson said…

Thanks Eric, so stoked that ive found your book and website!! ..Yes was a really awesome race, looking forward to the 90th Anniversary edition this year! Not sure if I have time though to change my form before the race (race date 29th May 2015) but cant wait to fully convert to Forefoot striking (was thinking about starting on the exercises in the mean time though and then focusing on converting to forefoot striking after Comrades...good idea/bad idea? any advise you can offer would be awesome!!)

At 11:26pm on July 29, 2014, Joe Cruz said…
Hello Mr Orton. My name is Joe Cruz from Albuquerque NM. I have read Born to run and now I've started your book The Cool Impossible. I've reached the start of your training regiment in the book. I purchased the board bundle pack today. I am excited to get started ! I truly believe in what you say about having your muscles work together. I have become more aware of my body considering my last year and half when I tore my meniscus and pcl. My recovery has forced me to listen to my body and pay close attention to what I can take. I have a couple of questions but I think I know the answer. First is , with my surgery in mind. My recovery has gone well but now the leg that didn't have the operation has been compensating for so long it is starting to give trouble. I am off balance and I believe I just need to build my base witch your program will help me ! I am excited:). Is there something you might add ? Also I have severe plantars fasciitis. I have not read the entire book witch I am sure you explain. So I am sorry if you do. I've tried everything to rid me of this problem. Will strengthening my feet with your program get rid of it all together ? Is their something else you might add to the program ?
Thank you so much for your knowledge of running and simplifying the run. Work smarter not harder !;) It is an honor to be writing you.
Joseph Cruz.
At 4:01am on May 29, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Thank You very much for the support Eric it means a lot.

At 9:19pm on May 19, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Hi Again Eric, I've tried another device and the web page is working fine, it's obviously this computer. Thanks again for your quick reply and I appologise for bothering you with this. Regards Robert

At 8:15pm on May 19, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Thanks Eric for the quick responce and feed back, I will try what you have suggested.

I forgot to tell you, you might remember that I gave a copy of the TCI to my Chiropractor as a gift a few months ago, anyway, he has now bought copies of the TCI for the waiting rooms of his 2 premises. 

Thanks again for the responce.

At 7:33pm on May 19, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Hi Eric I've tried to view this site several times to no avail, I refreshed the page, gone back to it later, changed my settings but I can't open it for the life of me. Any suggestions as I'm interested in the bundle. Thanks Robert

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At 5:13am on April 27, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Hi Eric, just wanted to wish you every success with the TCI launch into China.

At 12:39am on April 23, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Congratulations Eric on 12,000 members you must be very proud of what you have achieved here. Well Done!!

Thank you for this place, the advice, the encouragement and the comradery.

At 11:36pm on April 21, 2014, Robert Burpee said…

Hi Eric hope you and your family had a peaceful and happy Easter.

My question pertains to posting a blog. Yesterday I posted a blog and when I signed off it was awaiting approval, however today I can not find it here anywhere. Does this mean it wasn't approved or have I or my computer not forwarded it correctly. This has also happened once before when I posted the mile speed zones that I have converted to Km's.

Any help or advice to stop this happening again would be great. I sent you a message using the message option your page, then realized you may not monitor that forum.

Cheers Robert

At 1:21pm on April 18, 2014, Rich Warne said…

Hi Eric - all good thanks & appreciate you asking. Been doing some decorating over the Easter Holiday so had some time to think through the last race. Now focusing on the Royal Parks Half Marathon in October. I put some thoughts about the last race on my blog 1:25@50 - mainly around tweaking and focusing on my speed zone 3 targets. But the mojo is back and am really excited about the October race. Once again many thanks for all the support and encouragment - it's really appreciated. Cheers - Rich

At 5:45pm on November 13, 2013, Amber Lindley said…

LOL. Eric I live in Northern BC so we are just getting our snow.  By Dec we will be looking at FEET of snow and usually -20.  Jan/Feb can get as cold as -40 with wind chill making it -50.  BUT we get lots of chinooks and sunshine;)  I hate the hampster wheel so when I can, I will be running on trails and dressing warm;)  It is beautiful but cold;)  I will have to experiment with layering and have lots of merino wool;)  Once I get going, you will have to come for a ice year my Tough Mudder team decided in Jan we would go for a hike through the trails, at a mere -20.  I couldnt feel my legs by the time we were done;)  Good times!!  Canadian Chicks are Crazy they say...I tend to agree.  I will get the slant boards and see where that takes me and proceed from there.  Thanks!

At 6:31pm on November 12, 2013, Amber Lindley said…

 Hey Eric.  Thanks for the feedback.  I have been looking into getting the slant board and stability disk.  I can get the board from you but you are out of the disks and I cannot find anything thats close.  I have what they call the balance (or dyna) disk but its not even close.  Any suggestions?  Or is there an ETA on yours?  :)

At 6:27pm on November 11, 2013, Lori Enlow said…

That race looks pretty awesome Amber! A great goal race and plenty of time to train. I live in small town too, so have to order and send back products! Ultimate Direction has been a good brand for me packs and handhelds. I have been using the Wisp hydration pack.

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