I coach because I love to help athletes explore their own potential and the rewarding part of this for me is witnessing the self-discovery that my athletes experience throughout the process.  Writing my book, The Cool Impossible, was the culmination of a life long dream and a way for me to continue to help more and more runners.  And, just like with my coaching, the most rewarding piece of writing a book is hearing from all of the  readers around the world about how their running has hit new levels and how stoked they are to embrace their Cool Impossible.

Here is a quick story I received from a runner just this week after just two weeks of his Cool Impossible training.


Just a note to update you on progress - I finished the Cool Impossible book and will re-read it from time to time.

I'm now into my new training program - workouts 6 days a week, including hills and sprints. I actually laughed at the thought of doing sprints at my age (61 in two weeks), but then I tried it and it was like turning the clock back!

So I did my first serious 6-miler with the new technique this morning, a low Level 6 workout. My best previous time on the course was a 9:16 pace - today it was 8:48! Form was good, with a bit of a sprint at the end. When the book talks about the kind of Cool Impossible that makes you get goose bumps, I knew what that was for me ... qualifying for Boston in my age group. Now that I understand how to get there, I'm excited to start the journey.  

Thanks again and just wanted you to know what a difference Cool Impossible has made for me, physically and mentally.

SIP (Strong, Interconnected, Persistent)
The proof that The Cool Impossible works keeps rolling in. 20 min HR test gone from 4.63km at 170 bpm to 5.30km at 170bpm.
That's the equivalent of going from a 21m35s 5k to an 18m50s 5k. Hard work works.
Thanks - Andrew
This is what is it about.  We can all get better no matter who we are.  Whether it is thru better form, bomber foot strength, proper run training, clean eating, or approaching a new way to think.
Bob's mantra is Strong, Interconnected, Persistent.  This drives his Cool Impossible, just like it drives Chris Sharma's cool impossible way of life and climbing.  Everything is a project and the goal is to make it a game, a game to see how close you can get to impossible.
In The Cool Impossible, I use Chris as an example:

Be Chris Sharma. Heard the name? He’s one of the world’s best climbers. On one route in Spain, he made one hundred unsuccessful tries before reaching the top. One hundred attempts, one route, no ropes, and every time he failed he would fall thirty to forty feet into deep water below. Chris fell in love with seeing how far along the route he could get each time. He fell in love with what climbers call the “project,” the present effort. Think Chris Sharma whenever the fear of finishing a race or training session comes into your mind. Think of Chris, and refocus on your foot hitting the ground for your next step.  - The Cool Impossible

Here is Chris in action and words.  I have started A Cool Impossible Group for those interested in sharing their stories and their own Way of the Cool Impossible.



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Comment by Leon Duvenage on June 26, 2013 at 1:55pm
Also got the book a month or so ago, into week 4 (the first rest week) now. Great program, but I'm finding the HRZ 1-2 running VERY slow and almost frustrating? Sticking to it though, hoping that it will get better as the program progresses.
Comment by Lori Enlow on June 26, 2013 at 12:01pm
Thanks, good timing for me.

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