Running With Eric - Snow Strength and Scorpions

Well, I finally had to shovel twice today, oops make that now three times.  Our first snow fall in a week and it is still coming down. Should be good skiing tomorrow, the mountain needs it.  And, could be a good snowshoe run tomorrow.  The snow was good timing also because today is my recovery day from running.  This time of year my recovery is a complete off day from running and I focus on more strength training in my gym.  I try to do some form of foot and leg strength every day, so on Thursday's my focus is mainly on full body "true" strength.

When we develop strength in the core and upper body, we do ourselves a world of good for our running. We swing our arms better and move with greater mobility. We activate muscles along the spine that protect the whole body, allowing us to run upright with greater stabilization. We breathe easier. We run more relaxed. We maintain form economy better and longer, especially during those last few miles when everything feels like it wants to collapse.

In the alternative, if we fail to pursue whole body strength, trouble ensues. Interconnectedness gives as much as it takes. Almost as a rule, runners tend to get rounded shoulders, thereby tightening our pectorals, thereby pulling on the muscles in our back, which causes pain while running—and let’s be frank, everyday life as well. These same rounded shoulders affect our breathing and the mobility of our arms and upper body. Without mobility there, our torso moves side to side as we run. This throws off our efficiency and equilibrium, and as we tire—more quickly by the way—we begun to lean over our feet or hunch - The Cool Impossible.

One great exercise that I use with my athletes is the Scorpion.  This is a great one to test your stability, mobility, and overall "true" strength.

Check it out here and see how you do.  Send in your own videos so we can see how good ya are!

Today I did 2 circuits below plus a lot of bouldering:

  • knees to chest
  • rockers
  • toggles
  • can openers
  • scorpions
  • jackknife
  • knees side to side
  • knees to chest

"Run strong, to go long" - E

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Comment by Richard Lais on January 14, 2014 at 11:37pm

Hey Eric. I am fairly new to running but have been an athlete my whole life. I am currently working your program and had a question for you. A lot of your core exercises I have been able to implement with my TRX suspension trainer. I prefer to use my TRX over the fit ball because my TRX is portable and I can use it anywhere. Its much easier to carry around than a giant ball. I just wanted to know your thoughts about that. Is that an okay substitution or not? Also, what are your thoughts on myofascial release techniques? I've been using a lacrosse ball and a foam roller to combat soreness. Thanks for all that you do. Cheers!

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